Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hideo and Shinji: practice time!

                                                                      As spring gets closer and closer, my desire to practice and learn grows. Winter is a tough season for me and even though stuck inside normally, this year has been different. Our "winter" has been so spring like that I SHOULD have been out and about a lot more. Alas, illnesses and other obligations have kept me inside and with severe cabin fever, which still seems to be affecting. As I get get better and stronger, the need to get back to practice is hitting home for me. I've been getting in at least ten minutes a day in practice, which is better than nothing,sure. But, it is nowhere near enough to progress. It simply keeps the edge there and is not doing much. What to do?

Ok, this seems like a good plan. Can one get better at practice than this? Yes! Thanks Bruce!
He seemed to have been rather proficient at his art form and in keeping fit. So as a role model, I think this is a delightful addition to the blog post. And perhaps this one, minus the clarinets and add the shakuhachi!! It is essential that I get back into a regular routine of practice and spending more time doing so. With the help of Hideo and Shinji, I shall try even harder to do this over this month of March.

Here they are, ready to go!! Time to practice!!

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